Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my favourite film

snow angel, arthur, the ring, ju-on, mars, boys before flowers, endless love, my name is kim sam-soon, my creazy love, do re mi fa so la si do, benerly hills chihuahua, tokyo sonata, friends, pans labyrinth, winter sonata, a millionaire's first love, memoirs of a geisha, spider-man, the wild, hotel for dog, secret, cinderella story, baby and me, up, 4bia, why why love, westside story, the victim, alone, sick nurse, see how the run, taxy tonight, the sister, 13 beloved, devil beside you, narnia, transformers, harry potter, 100% senorita, bring it on, full house, meteor garden, full metal panic, rave, detective conan, doraemon, sinchan, hunter X hunter, naruto, super junior full house, at the dolphin bay, lavender, stairway to heaven, my sassy girl, princess hours, high school musical, daddy long legs, hikaru no go, inuyasha, ghost at school, fullmetal alchemist, hana kimi,

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